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Rock Diva at the LeMieux Dressage National Championships

Rock Diva at the LeMieux Dressage National Championships

What can I say about my Princess that I haven't already said! She just continues to put a smile on my face.


We started at the beginning of this year just planning to do a couple the 6 yr old young horse classes for a bit of fun and experience for me as I had never done them before. Little did I know where Rocky and I would end up!


Having qualified at the Hartpury semi finals, we set off for the LeMieux National Championships at Stoneleigh. It had been a few years since I last competed there and I was really excited, especially taking a young horse who I have backed and trained myself. We arrived on the Friday afternoon and after giving Rocky a rest after her journey, I wanted to just give her a gentle stretch in the warm up arena so she could have a little look around. Those of you that have been to the showground, will know that to get to the arenas, you have to follow the horse walk past all the tents where the horses can hear everything but not see it! I thought I was riding a snorting dragon! Bless her, her eyes were out on stalks and she did a fabulous passage before planting her feet and trying to spin back to her stable! We made it to the warm up and the minute her hooves touched the surface, she relaxed as if to say, ok, I know my job now.


The next day we competed in the 6yr old class which consists of riding a test infront of and International Trainer, David Hunt, an International Judge, Suzanne Baarup and an International Rider, Phillip Hess. Rocky was very nervous going into the arena and she went into herself and we weren't able to show the kind of work we had shown at Hartpury. It also didn't help that she was in the middle of a growth spurt and had gone croup high which affected her balance and ability to collect. 


We still manged to come 7th in the class and after winning the International 6 yr old class at HIckstead, I am over the moon to think that I own one of the top 6 yr olds in the Country and I can't wait to see what is to come. My Princess is now having a two week holiday in the field with her best friend Lizzie.


So, plans have now been made for next year and we will be aiming to do the 7yr old classes just for fun! ;)