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Allington Equine

Allington Equine

Allington Equine is a beautiful yard near Romsey in Hampshire. Offering full, assisted and competition livery, Allington Equine has extensive facilities including indoor barn stabling, large dressage arena, show jumping arena, cross country course, large horse walkers, lunge pens and extensive hacking around the Hampshire countryside.


Rug cleaning is also offered onsite.


Coaching with Olivia Oakeley (based at Allington Equine) along with regular clinics.




I absolutely love teaching others to ride but the truth is that there are only so many hours in the day, which limits the amount of people I can see and teach.


DressagePro is an online dressage program that can help everyone, from novice to Grand Prix rider. And you can get 10% off by using promo code 'olivia10'.


They're a company based in the Netherlands, but the beauty of the online training means that anyone can take part, from anywhere in the world.


I think it's a fantastic alternative way for more people to get involved and learn about dressage. Lessons will always be important but this program will really help you understand the process of training so that you can make those improvements.


The DressagePro program covers the four training phases required to achieve the highest level, allowing for a huge step forward in your training. The modules cover the fundamentals of dressage and include:

  • Natural balance
  • Towards horizontal balance
  • Confirmation horizontal balance
  • Collection

The DressagePro training's taught by Rien van der Schaft, a world famous dressage trainer and a man who's currently tasked with ensuring the Netherlands remain one of the leading forces in the world of dressage.


One of the real benefits of the online training is that you get to learn at your own pace.


Click the more info button to learn more from the DressagePro website.




The DressagePro team only have a short window in which they'll take orders - and this is open NOW until only 5th March 2017.


They only open this a few times a year, so if you're interested then you need to act fast whilst this opportunity is available.


Don't forget to use promo code 'olivia10' for 10% off!