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Amazing Rider and Teacher

(10 out of 10)

I write this testimonial for Olivia not only as an owner of an equestrian centre that books Olivia in for Clinics, but also as a Father of a teenager daughter whom she teaches! I first asked Olivia to come to Cheshire because I was seeing requests for her to come to the area and do a clinic and also my daughter was also excited she might come and get a lesson from Olivia, what I didn't expect was the amount of bookings I got from the over 21s some 21 again :)


Olivia brings with her a 'can do' positive attitude, you walk away with a better understanding on how you can ride better, but the real improvements come 3 or 4 lessons down the line when both the teacher and rider have an even deeper understanding of what needs doing.


Olivia comes to us every 4/5 weeks as it's important she is regular enough to make the biggest possible difference, I have a very high return rate of clients and I have even started a waiting list as she is filling all lesson slots!


My daughter currently rides at Medium but also has a young horse which is where our focus is, the improvements and long term views on how to bring her on makes 2015 a very exciting year for them and Olivia is a very big reason for that.


Olivia is a Dressage star in her own right today, but she is clearly being groomed for bigger and better things and has a bright future ahead of her and we are very proud of our relationship with Olivia and watch and support her career.


Kevin Twaddell
Folly Farm Equestrian Centre