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The Team

My Family!


My mum and dad have to be the most amazing, helpful and selfless parents you can get. They have been supportive throughout my entire career; from the age of six, when I had my first riding lessons, throughout my International career and ongoing. They have been there, through thick and thin, supporting me not only financially, but giving up their time, in order to help me achieve my dream. I really couldn't have done all that I have without them and I have always promised I will repay them one day and hope to continue to make them proud.


Toby Daniels - Farrier


Toby has recently taken over shoeing my horses, when I made the move back down to Hampshire. He is a great asset to the team and the horses feet look fab!


Jemma Sayers - Sports Massage Therapist


Jemma recently started treating my horses and I am beyond happy to have her on the team. After every treatment, the horses have felt incredible, plus they all love her! Jemma is also studying to become a equine physiotherapist making her a fantastic asset to both myself and my horses! 


Clare Howard - The Balanced Rider


Clare has been treating me for a few months. After every Physio session I come out feeling much better and have lots of exercises to work on to constantly improve myself. 


Woodington Training Centre


Heather, Maurice and Alison at Woodington, where I am based, are a vital part of allowing me to do what I do. Not only am I based at Woodington due to Maurice and Heathers incredible generosity and support but they all help me with looking after the horses, when I am away coaching or riding.