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  • Emergency hang over cure needed 🥺
  • Sunday 3rd February 2019 10:23am Retweets0 RetweetsFavourites1 Favourites
  • Happy snow babies ❤️ - Photo by @alijen123 📸
  • Friday 1st February 2019 1:28pm Retweets0 RetweetsFavourites0 Favourites
  • 9am and my toes already feel like they’ve fallen off 🥶
  • Wednesday 30th January 2019 8:59am Retweets0 RetweetsFavourites0 Favourites
  • Chilblains on your toes are the devil 😭
  • Monday 28th January 2019 7:37pm Retweets0 RetweetsFavourites1 Favourites